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Douglas Business School (DBS) and Douglas International Education Centre (DEC) is a branch campus of the global network of the Douglas Institute of Higher Education Group. The campus was established in 2008 and reformed in 2014 is focused on offering quality programmes of international caliber which help participants to have a continuous development in their desired filed of expertise. At Douglas students can broaden their network by interacting with lecturers and other fellow students.

With the mission of providing quality higher education and professional training programmes that meet the rapid changing needs within the society. Douglas introduces innovative designs and develops programmes in a diverse range of disciplines at different qualification levels. In addition to its own certificate, diploma, advanced diploma and postgraduate diploma programmes. Douglas also establishing partnership with well-ranked overseas universities for degree-awarding programmes in the bachelor and master degree levels to individuals who would want to obtain an internationally accepted qualification in their own terms.

Douglas will continue to develop high quality programmes that are market driven to meet the needs of the society.